Top 10 Best NameCheap Alternatives 2021 for Domains and Web Hosting

You may be searching for the best NameCheap alternatives to find out the cost-effective hosting or domain or a deal of both.

NameCheap is not the only company in the town, now there domain registrars that are offering more affordable prices along with freebies. So why not to get benefit from them?

Although NameCheap offers a range of digital products such as web hosting, SSL, CDN and Privacy Guard, etc. but chiefly they are associated with domain registration business.

NameCheap is a well-reputed domain registrar that is just falling behind the largest domain registration company ‘GoDaddy’.

As the name signifies, NameCheap offers amazingly low pricing compared to most of its competitors.

And who doesn’t want to save money? Of course, for everyone, such affordable pricing tags with shared hosting packages are really enticing, particularly for beginners. However, this comes with some sacrifices that make people search for alternatives to NameCheap. However, if we do a comparison between what they are offering and their prices we can say it is not the bad choice.

For the customers who need hosting for their side projects where quality hosting is not their, priority NameCheap is a cost-saving solution. What we see in most months they are able to maintain pretty decent uptime however there are also a few months when the site experienced many downtimes. So for side projects and for hosting custom email accounts, NameCheap is a potential choice.

Besides hosting, a strong reason to hunt for alternatives to NameCheap is the domain prices.

Usually, there are two ways either you need solely a TLD or a domain name along with a web hosting plan. So for your ease and best selection of NameCheap alternatives, we will be sharing alternatives for domain names as well as web hosting.

We have also mentioned with some recommended companies that where you should buy only the domain name or you should go for the combination of Domain and Hosting.

Let’s take a look

Top 10 Best NameCheap Alternatives 2021 for Domain Names and Affordable Web Hosting

1. Bluehost [Domain + Hosting]

Bluehost is a giant player in the web hosting industry and known as the largest web hosting provider. They are powering over 2 Million platforms through different solutions like Shared Hosting, VPS, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated servers. They also offer WooCommerce specialized hosting to cater to the needs of clients who want to build a reliable eCommerce store. Furthermore, Bluehost is a number 1 recommended web host by

Besides SSD web hosting solutions, Bluehost is also performing the role of domain registrar. You can buy almost every popular type of extensions at competitive pricing.

Usually, when beginners going to start a website they go for the company that offers both domain and hosting. Buying both items from the same provider keeps them away from the fuss of pointing domain towards web hosting. So Bluehost is a quality alternative to NameCheap that comes with pocket-friendly price tags on hosting and also a free domain for the first year.

However, compared to NameCheap, Bluehost shared hosting prices are higher but they are much better in terms of performance. The good thing Bluehost mostly runs attractive promotions where their prices range between $2.95/month to $3.95/month. Although with such promotions it’s still higher in prices but keeps in mind spending a little bit more per month will get you one of the best hosting services.

On the other hand, NameCheap Hosting prices start at just $1.44/month but you will not get as much consistent services as Bluehost.

Purchasing solely a domain name from Bluehost costs you more than the NameCheap. They offer .com TLD for $11.99 for the first year while the price increase to $15.99/year at the time of renewal. So NameCheap will give you roughly $3/year saving on the domain name. Another worthy thing to mention that NameCheap provides free WHOIS privacy for a lifetime while Bluehost does not offer such freebie with the domain name.

So in our opinion, if you solely want to buy a domain name then there are better alternatives to NameCheap mentioned below so keep reading. However, if you want to buy reliable hosting as well as the domain name from the same provider then Bluehost could be your best alternative to NameCheap.

If you are price conscious then there is nothing wrong buying domain from one company while web hosting from another. However, you need to propagate the domain with hosting manually. It can be a slightly tricky task for beginners.

For starting a new blog Bluehost ‘Basic’ plan is an ideal choice that is accompanied by plentiful 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and Free SSL certificate. Although shared hosting offers you minimalist exposure to technicalities and most installations are automatic but sometimes there are situations when you need expert help. Bluehost covers you there 24/7 via their Live Chat, Email Tickets, and Phone.

So the overall summary is, for just a domain, NameCheap is a cost-saving than Bluehost. While if you need a domain as well as reliable hosting then Bluehost is a potential NameCheap alternative. You will get a huge discounted price if you go 3-year billing.

  • Cost-effective hosting solutions.
  • Offer a pretty straightforward way to host a website which is great for beginners.
  • 24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Email support.
  • SSD storage without any additional cost.
  • More reliable and performance-focused hosting than NameCheap.
  • Largest web hosting company which is Hosting over 2 Million websites on their servers.
  • Buying solely a domain name is slightly pricey however you can grab free domain by purchasing a hosting plan.
  • WHOIS privacy is not free.
Bluehost (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com Only Domain: $11.99 / $15.99 / yr

With Hosting: Free / $15.99 / yr

$8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net Only Domain: $12.99 / $18.99 / yr

With Hosting: Free / $18.99 / yr

$11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org Only Domain: $8.99 / $17.99/ yr

With Hosting: Free / $17.99 / yr

$11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy $11.88 / $14.88 / yr Free for life

Note: Some companies charge a minor ICANN fee separately while some already included it with the domain name price. Here NameCheap charges $0.18 along with domain name while BlueHost already included it.

2. NameSilo [Trusted and Cheapest Alternative to Namecheap for Domains]

NameSilo is a rapidly growing best NameCheap alternative which outranking most of its competitors. They are managing over 3M domains. It stands among the cheapest ICANN accredited domain registrar where a .com TLD cost you just $8.99/year which is lower than what the NameCheap asking for a .com domain.

So what makes the NameSilo the best alternative to NameCheap? NameSilo .com domains cost you $8.99/year including the ICANN fee. And the best part, NameSilo also offers free WHOIS Privacy as long as you keep your domain with them. So if you don’t want to show your personal information (email, phone, and address, etc.) to the public you can make use of WHOIS privacy free of cost. On the other hand, the NameCheap .com domain priced at $9.06/year including the ICANN fee.

However, for the first year fee, there is an ignorable difference between them but at the time of renewal, the story takes an interesting turn. Unlike most of its rivals, while renewing NameSilo does not increase even a penny thus you can renew your domain with the same price you paid for the first year ($8.99). While NameCheap costs you $12.98/year when you are going to renew your .com domain.

Both companies offer discounts on domains but in a different way. NameCheap will provide you with a discounted amount based on the billing cycle i.e. if you purchase a domain for 2-year at once the renewal price will be the same as for the first year. On the other hand, NameSilo offers a quantity-based discount that means if you purchase a large number of domains at once you will get a discounted price. It is not useful for individuals as it requires to buy tons of domains. But the thing to remember they still cost you lower than NameCheap even without discounts.

NameSilo offers a nice easy to understand marketplace which gives you plenty of options to buy and sell the high-quality domain name. For purchasing, you can either enter into auction or make an offer.

Initially, NameSilo was just acting as a domain registrar but now like its competitors, the company also introduced several other product lines. So now besides Domain names, you can avail web hosting, SSL, and Email products from them.

Although now almost every company offers free SSL with their hosting packages however if your favorite company is not offering then NameSilo is a good choice to buy SSL certificate at very affordable prices.

NameSilo web hosting plans start at just $2.99 which is pretty affordable and low cost compared to most hosting providers. It includes 20GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and custom email accounts. Just like any good hosting company, NameSilo also offers the famous cPanel for managing hosting features.

We can say both NameCheap and NameSilo are offering outstanding prices for domains. However, NameSilo beats NameCheap when it comes to domain prices. They also provide better performance hosting (backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee) compared to NameCheap. On top of that the company ensuring quick live chat, phone, and email options for assisting their customers. However, for the more reliable performance, we recommend the companies which are renowned for hosting like Bluehost, DreamHost, and SiteGround, etc.

  • One of the cheapest domain registrars.
  • Offering low prices than NameCheap by even including free WHOIS privacy.
  • Transparent and unlike some companies they do not automatically add any additional services.
  • Because they are offering a quantity-based discount so good for buying a huge number of domains.
  • A comprehensive company that houses domains, web hosting, SSL, and Email services.
  • Offers just the shared hosting plans. It means once your website enters the rapid growth phase you need to move your website. (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $8.99 / $8.99 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $11.79 / $11.79 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $10.79 / $10.79 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy Free Forever Free Forever

3. is one of the experienced domain registrars serving its clients since 1998. Like its name, they are mainly in the domain registration business and an excellent competitor to NameCheap. Just like most of its rivals, also provides an array of products such as Web hosting, SSL, Privacy Guard, Site Builder, and Email services.

The company offers almost all types of domain extensions and 25+ country code top-level domains. As soon you land on their website you can enter the desired name to check its availability. Their domain pricing structure makes them a close NameCheap alternative. As of now, you can buy .com TLD with just $9.99 for the first year. At the time of renewal, their prices go to $13.99/year which is pretty decent compared to most other domain registration companies.

If we compare with NameCheap then there is a slight difference (around $1) for the first time fee as well as at the time of renewals.

However, here is a little downside that does not come with WHOIS guard privacy while NameCheap offers it free for a lifetime. WHOIS privacy is an add-on that is used to hide your personal information like phone and email address etc. to protect you against spam. But it’s not an essential thing as we have seen no trouble even without using it. If you still want to use, offer WHOIS guard with an $8.99/month price tag.

It doesn’t mean buying a TLD from has a deficiency of benefits. They provide you an intuitive control panel for DNS management and Email Forwarding. You can enable Transfer Lock to protect your domain from any unauthorized transfer.

Another thing worthy to mention that some domain extensions are cheaper on for the 1st year than the NameCheap e.g. .art. Similarly, some domains are pricey on for the 1st year compared to NameCheap but cost-saving at the time of renewal e.g. .design. So it is worthy to look at their pricing structure when you are searching for any specific TLD.

What if you like a domain name but it is already taken? For that, is maintaining the ‘Premium Domain’ section which is a market place. There you can find high-quality domain names – short and easy to remember.

When it comes to web hosting offers simple shared hosting and WordPress managed plans. You can start at $3.75/month that comprises unmetered bandwidth and storage. However, they are not known for web hosting so we recommend Bluehost if you want domain and web hosting in one place. hosting is not much consistent and there are lots of complaints about their services.

So overall, is a very competitive alternative to NameCheap where you can buy lots of domain extension which are not available on NameCheap. Furthermore, there is a slight price difference and the company is efficient to deliver support services through Live Chat, Phone, and Emails.



  • Very competitive domain pricing.
  • Offer more range of TLDs than NameCheap.
  • 25+ country code top-level TLDs.
  • The straightforward purchasing process and easy to use control panel.
  • Allow you to do pre-registration of new domain extensions.


  • Not worthy hosting for the price they are asking.
  • Lack of scalable hosting like VPS.
  • No free WHOIS privacy guard. (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $9.99 / $13.99 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $12.99 / $15.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $8.99 / $14.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy $8.99 / $14.99 / yr Free for life

4. GoDaddy [Best NameCheap Alternative for Discounted Domain Names]

Here is another NameCheap alternative, the famous ‘GoDaddy’. It is the biggest domain registrar that is managing around 78M domains for their customers. The company has spread its 14 offices around the globe and is serving its customers since 1997.

Being such a giant company makes them offer a huge amount of digital products. So alongside domain, you can purchase web hosting, web security tools, MS office, Email Hosting, and Marketing tools. One of the reasons for GoDaddy’s popularity that they frequently offer huge discounts not just on their hosting plans but also on domains.

Currently purchasing .com domain on GoDaddy will cost you more than the NameCheap. And for renewal, GoDaddy also charges more dollars than its competitor. However, it’s not the whole story. Being the largest and one of the oldest domain registrars the company offers a large range of domain extensions. So if some domain extensions are not available with any promotional offer then there will be some others with huge discounts. Just take the example of .club, .org and .online etc. which are available at huge discounts compared to NameCheap.

Both NameCheap and GoDaddy offer discounts in different styles. NameCheap renewals cost you less if you purchase for 2 years. On the other hand, GoDaddy also offers a good quantity based discount. When you add like .com domain in your cart, GoDaddy offers you a bundle of other related extensions such as .net, .org, and .info, etc. with the same name at a very huge discount. It is very useful especially for businesses that want to secure the related TLDs.

Unlike NameCheap, GoDaddy does not offer free WHOIS privacy. It is being offered as an optional feature by GoDaddy and costs you just $0.83/month. It’s not an essential feature but if you don’t want to show your personal information to the public in WHOIS directory then Privacy Protection will do this for you.

Here is a quick tip while purchasing a domain or hosting from GoDaddy that before placing an order carefully check your cart to avoid any unnecessary costs. Like in the case of domain name there are many upsells. They automatically add Ultimate Protection & Privacy and Professional Email add-ons. These are not necessary products with the domain name so if you don’t want them simply unselect these.

GoDaddy offers 4 different shared hosting plans. However, compared to competitors their prices are high. Their least plan normally ranges between $4.49/month to $5.49/month. This plan includes monthly unmetered bandwidth and 100 GB disk storage. The good thing, unlike many other companies GoDaddy is transparent in technical specs like Memory and CPU allocation to each account.

For assistance, there is live chat, phone, and ticketing systems available 24/7. No doubt GoDaddy is the largest and trusted domain registrar. They offer good discounts for buying multiple domains at once so good for investment purposes and securing domain extensions similar to your main domain name. They do offer a market place for investors. As far as their hosting concerns there are many hosting companies offering more reliable and less expensive solutions than GoDaddy. Overall it’s a good alternative to NameCheap and if you right on time you can save huge with GoDaddy.



  • Affordable domain pricing due to routine discounts.
  • A solid and reliable domain registrar managing around 78M domains.
  • It offers a very worthy discount on the bundle of TLDs.
  • A wide variety of web services available.
  • They offer both Windows and Linux hosting packages.
  • With Linux hosting, you will get cPanel while with Windows you will get Plesk panel both are well-known control panels.


  • Even with higher pricing, they just offer a 1-year trial for Professional Email.
  • Lots of upsells while purchasing process.
  • Not delivering consistent speed for web hosting.
GoDaddy (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $11.99 / $17.99 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $14.99 / $19.99/ yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $8.99/ $20.99/ yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy $9.99 / yr Free Forever

5. DreamHost [Domain + Hosting]

Founded in 1997, DreamHost is known as one of the most reliable and feature-rich hosting providers. The company hosts over 1.5M websites, blogs, and applications. Thanks to their team behind this amazing company which is also performing as a domain registrar as a strong NameCheap alternative.

DreamHost offers 400+ TLDs allowing the customers to buy the one they need. As of now, DreamHost is running a promotional discount on .com TLD. So you can buy .com in just $6.99/year while at the time of renewal you have to $15.99/year. Similarly, various other domain extensions like .net, .org, .club, .info, and many others are available on sale and cost you less than the NameCheap.

Similar to NameCheap, DreamHost domain name also comes with a good freebie – Privacy Protection. When you buy a domain name the information you provide like email address and phone become publically visible due to certain security laws. However, with Privacy protection, the company mostly show their information by masking your personal information. WHOIS Privacy is free as long as you keep your domain with them and you don’t even have to renew it manually.

DreamHost offers an intuitive control panel for effortless management. It makes a lot easier to edit DNS, domain forwarding, and domain lock. Also, DreamHost allows you to consolidate all domain names that you registered with other domain registrars using an easy domain transfer procedure.

Another reason that makes DreamHost an excellent NameCheap alternative is the availability of high performance and secured web hosting solutions. They have categorized their shared hosting in two different plans – Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited.

Shared Starter as the name signifies is made for beginners. The good thing regardless of what annual plan you select to start your website you will get a free domain name. This plan consists of 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and SSL certificate. However, this plan does not allow you to create free custom email accounts.

On the other hand, Shared Unlimited offers you free domain name, Unlimited SSD storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, Unlimited Email Accounts, and ability to host an unlimited number of domains. All of this costs just $4.95/month. You can take benefit of advanced features like WP-CLI, SSH access, and SFTP regardless of the plan you choose.

Unlike most other hosting companies, DreamHost both types of Shared hosting plans included with Automated Daily Backups. Further, with their resource protection technology, you can have peace in mind that none other heavy resource consuming website running on the same server will eat your resources. And the best thing the shared hosting is backed by an incredible 100% uptime guarantee.

What if you don’t like their services? DreamHost offers the industry lengthiest 97-days money-back guarantee, so they are not in a hurry to lock your funds with them. You have plenty of days to decide whether you should keep running your website on their servers or not.

Support services are being delivered mainly three ways – Live Chat, Phone, and Email. You can communicate with other users via the DreamHost Community page which is also a good source of help. So whether it’s just domain or hosting or both, DreamHost is a well-packed alternative for NameCheap. Even without a promotional deal, they sell domains at competitive prices.



  • A reliable and cost-effective place for domain and hosting.
  • Similar to NameCheap, DreamHost also offers free WHOIS Guard.
  • Reliable SSD hosting at cheap pricing.
  • 97-days refund policy.
  • Availability of highly scalable hosting like VPS and dedicated servers.
  • Offering 24/7 impressive support services.


  • Instead of cPanel, they are offering custom made control panel with hosting. There is nothing wrong with it but it is not as open as cPanel. Also, it does not support as many one-click install apps as cPanel.
  • Starter plan does not include a custom email account.
DreamHost (1st yr./ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $6.99 / $15.99 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $10.99 / $16.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $13.95 / $15.99  / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy Free Forever Free Forever

6. WPXhosting [Domain + Hosting]

Founded in 2013, WPX Hosting is a premium quality WordPress hosting provider. Being backed by SSDs, custom-built in-house CDN, and other speed friendly technologies they are dominating when it comes to speedy hosting services.

There are chances you might not aware of WPX hosting (especially as a domain registrar) that’s because they only limited to WordPress hosting niche and not a web host that everyone can afford. However, compared to its rivals like Kinsta and WPEngine, WPX Hosting prices are pretty reasonable.

So where they offer satisfactory price tags with their Managed WordPress Hosting plans, the company also allows you to register a domain name with low cost thus making it one of the best NameCheap alternatives.

WPX Hosting is offering a wide range of TLDs to its customers. You can register a .com TLD at just $10.99 for the first year. On the other hand, NameCheap costs you just $8.88 and after adding the ICANN fee it will be $9.06 in total.

However, for the 2nd year (at the time of renewal) NameCheap will ask you to pay more than WPX Hosting. The good thing, unlike other domain registrars WPX Hosting won’t increase even a penny at the time of renewal thus the cost will be the same as you paid for the first year. Just like NameCheap, WPX Hosting offers free WHOIS privacy and it will be free as long as you keep the domain with them.

So if we compare the cost of .com extension for the first 2-years, both companies will cost almost the same. However, for the third year WPX Hosting cost you less than the NameCheap.

On the hosting side, as we described before, WPX Hosting offers only WordPress specialize hosting. This means they only support WordPress on their platform. You can start with their WordPress optimized hosting as low as $20.83/month. It contains 10 GB SSD storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. The account allows you to host up to 5 domains.

Thanks to the WPX Hosting team, they are maintaining well-crafted plans. You will get loads of features to run your website reliably and securely. Each of their plans comes with free Manual and Automatic backups. You will be provided with a security tool that not only just does the scanning but also removes malware. The company will protect you against DDOS attacks. Plus, their services are backed by a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

For making sure blazing fast speed the company not just provides SSD based servers but also a combination of various other technologies. Their HTTP/2 and custom-built CDN makes them stand proudly among the fastest hosting providers. Furthermore, you can also choose between US and UK data centers.

WPX Hosting provides some of the quickest live chat support that stays available 24/7. Additionally, you can send emails or search through their knowledgebase which contains tons of helpful guides.

You may see this hosting option pricey compared to shared hosting solutions but note that a Managed WordPress hosting usually costs more than what the WPX Hosting is costing. For domain names, they are absolutely a great alternative to NameCheap as they are not only less expensive but also offer the same freebie (WHOIS Guard). As far as hosting concerns, a beginner website will be good on reliable shared hosting. There is no need to spend such a high amount. And if you don’t mind the cost they provide worthy Managed WordPress hosting.



  • Cheap domain pricing than NameCheap.
  • Free Whois Privacy FOREVER.
  • One of the fastest WordPress optimized hosting provider.
  • You can host up to 5 domains on the very first basic plan.
  • A very worthy hosting solution for growing websites.
  • Super-fast managed WordPress hosting equipped with SSDs, in-house CDN, and HTTPS/2.
  • Free of cost backups and malware removal.


  • For beginners, their prices are a bit higher. But as we described earlier that for beginners the shared hosting is the most suitable solution. WPX Hosting best suits to growing websites.
WPX Hosting (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $10.99 / $10.99 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $14.99 / $14.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $13.99 / $13.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy Free Forever Free Forever


Founded back in 2009, solely in the business of domain registration. In fact, it is a good domain investment platform. For that reason, the company offers various domain-related tools like monetization autopilot, Domain Brokerage, and Marketplace thus making it an advanced domain registrar compared to NameCheap.

When it comes to pricing, placed just $9.45/yr price tag on .com TLD. And what’s more, unlike NameCheap there is no increase in prices at the time of renewal.

On the other hand, NameCheap offers .com TLD at a lower price than but when it comes to renewal there is a clear difference between their prices. If you compare some other popular TLDs like .net and .org etc. is going to cost you lower than the NameCheap. Also, sometimes offers more money-saving bulk discounts.

And what makes it a perfect alternative to NameCheap that comes with free domain privacy which will help you to hide your personal information.

Being a domain investor platform they offer a nice easy to understand marketplace. You can view the Auction, Portfolios, and Expired domains. If you are unable to find any good name or the name you want already taken then exploring the marketplace is a good way. Although buying from the marketplace will cost you more than the usual prices (for the first year) but a short and memorable name is one of the crucial aspects for the success of your business. There are also various filters and tools to help you find the desired domain name easily.

Their domain brokerage section holds benefits for both buyers and sellers. With over 30 years of experience, the company knows how to convert prospects into buyers. The provided control panel presents you with a complete insight of incoming bids, offers, and manage auctions.

For buyers, the company assists them by providing a centralized control panel to place bids and offers. They also ensure a secure transaction. You can look around their Monetization AutoPilot which is related to parking services and generating some extra cash.

If we summarize, is a great and reliable platform for domain registration. Buying and selling domains are one of the online businesses where people generating lots of profit and if you are lucky that profit can result in thousands of dollars.

It not as easy as in explaining however a platform like will make it an easy to understand process. So if you are an investor the with no doubt is the best NameCheap alternative.

While if you just need a single domain for setting up a website then we think companies like NameSilo and DreamHost are the good alternatives to NameCheap. You don’t have to get into the investor control panel complexities.



  • For domain investors, they offer more than the just marketplace.
  • Cheaper prices compared to NameCheap.
  • Often there are discounted prices on various TLDs.
  • Free domain privacy protection.
  • Various tools to assist domain investors like Brokerage, Monetization, and Marketplace.


  • It might not be a place if you just want a single domain for your website.
  • The availability of lots of tools makes it a little bit complex for novices. (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $9.45 / $9.45 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $11.95 / $$11.95 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $11.95 / $11.95 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy Free Forever Free Forever

8. is another solid NameCheap alternative that offers domain names with competitive price tags. Although the company name is which is referring to domain names but they hold a variety of digital products.  Their large range of products includes web hosting plans, G suite, Email Hosting, Website Builder, SSL, and many more.

Just like NameCheap, is offering a pretty straightforward domain registration process. A .com TLD cost you just $8.99 for the first year which is few cents higher than the NameCheap. For renewal, there is a very slight difference between their prices.

If you need privacy protection to hide your personal information from the public, offers domain privacy for free. However, where NameCheap offers it free as long as you keep a domain with them, offers free domain privacy for the first year. And for the renewal, it will cost $4.99/year which is pretty low compared to most competitors.

NameCheap offers you a small discount if you buy a domain name for more than 1-year. On the other side, is generous in offering discounts. They offer a quantity-based discount which is very useful if you want to secure your brand name. At the time of purchase, they will present you with a bundle of domains with a huge discount. provides various other means of finding the domain name. In case if your desired name is already taken then you can search in their Expiring Domains and Deleting Domain database. The company also offers a Premium Domain section where you just type your main keyword and the tool will present you tons of suggestions by including your keyword.

When it comes to web hosting, is not a popular name. They offer a free domain if you buy an annual hosting plan. But their hosting prices are higher than the competitors. Furthermore, even they are charging more than the competition their most basic plan includes just 10 GB storage.

So their web hosting is unattractive when there are companies like Bluehost which is offering SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate, free domain name, and pocket-friendly prices. Moreover, web hosting has a very poor online rating. So we don’t recommend for hosting purposes.

If you solely want to set up a custom email accounts, offers this facility at very affordable pricing. With just $1.67/month they provide 10 GB of file storage which is more than enough for emails. Other features that you can use include email forwarding, autoresponders, spam filtering, Pop3 Accounts, and some others. is a decent NameCheap alternative with an almost similar pricing structure. And if you are going to buy multiple domains for securing your brand name it is clearly better than NameCheap. However, here Domain privacy is free for the first year then you have to pay a little amount every year. Overall, it’s a reliable place for domain buying and email hosting. For support, you can start live chat, send emails, give them a call or explore topics in the knowledgebase.



  • Huge cost saving on a bundle of domain extensions.
  • Using an all-in-one approach where you can bundle your domain, web hosting, and Email.
  • They offer a clean interface to search for domains.
  • Offer a large section of domain extensions helping you to best define your needs.
  • A good database for expiring and deleting domains.


  • Even though higher prices for hosting plans
  • The purchasing process is a little bit overwhelming but you will be fine if you know exactly what you looking for. (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $8.99 / $12.99/ yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $$6.99 / $14.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $$7.99 / $12.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy Free 1st yr / then $4.99/yr Free Forever

9. IONOS (1&1)

The company was born in Germany in 1988 to serve the web hosting market. Similar to NameCheap, 1and1 offers some of the most affordable hosting plans in the industry. It is a one-stop-shop that houses tons of digital products including web hosting, domain names, Email & Office, Marketing tools. Compared to NameCheap, IONOS offers more scalable solutions like Enterprise Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

IONOS is very popular because of its incredibly low introductory prices. You will be surprised to see that you can purchase .com TLD at just $1 for the first year. They also clearly beat the NameCheap prices for other TLDs such as .org, .net, and .biz with a price tag of just $1/ 1st year each.

When it comes to renewal, their prices will higher than the NameCheap. Where NameCheap asks $12.98/year for a .com domain, IONOS will cost you $15/year. However, if you do the calculations, IONOS will be going to cost you less than NameCheap for the 1st 3-year billing. Like NameCheap, IONOS also offers discounted billing if you at least choose a 2-years contract duration.

Registering a domain on IONOS also appears with a freebie to hide your personal details from the WHOIS lookup.

For hosting, IONOS plans prices are a little bit higher than the competition but what they are doing great that you can avail their plan at an amazingly low price for a short period like 1-month. This offers a great opportunity if you want to taste their services. After that, you will have to pay the original prices.

The company offers its least shared hosting plan at $4/month. You can host 1 domain on this plan. Buying a hosting plan from them will get you a free domain name for the 1st year. Other resources include 10 GB of web space and unlimited traffic. It comes with all the essential features such as DDoS protection, SSL certificate, 1-click installer, and CMS performance optimizations.

However, here is a thing that IONOS may look pricey but they are offering their plans on monthly billing structure. While most providers offer low prices only if you buy their plan on an annual basis i.e. long term contracts. And if you choose monthly billing their prices go sky-high.

So IONOS may look pricey but it’s not like that. The biggest advantage of short terms contracts (monthly billing) that you can cancel hosting services anytime. So if you don’t like them you will not be stuck with them due to no long term contracts.

The company holds tons of hosting solutions that are sufficient to meet business website needs. You can avail of cloud servers, VPS, and Enterprise solutions.

In order to create a professional email account (e.g., you need email hosting. Usually, it is already included when you buy a shared hosting plan for your website. However, if you just want Email hosting to create a custom email account you can also do so. IONOS offers the pretty prices starting at just $1/month and you will also get a free domain name.

IONOS offers Phone, Live Chat, and Email systems to provide support services. Overall, IONOS (1&1) is one of the best alternatives to NameCheap for domain names. You can take benefit of their lowest prices hosting plans for your short term projects.



  • Availability of a large range of digital products under a single roof.
  • Incredibly low introductory prices for domain names.
  • One of the most affordable hosting providers.
  • Usually, there are one of their hosting plan available at $1 which is a great opportunity to taste their services.
  • For monthly billing, they offer a good pricing structure.
  • More stable services compared to NameCheap.


  • Custom control panel which is a little overwhelming for beginners.
  • Live chat is not 24/7 and devoted to mainly sale queries.
IONOS (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $1 / $15 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $1 / $20 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $1 / $20 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy Free Forever Free Forever

10. iPage [Cheapest Hosting and Domain Deal]

iPage turns into a potential NameCheap alternative when it comes to buying a deal of domain and web hosting. Originally founded in 1998, iPage is hosting over 1 million domains and provides the best opportunity to take benefit of their pocket-friendly hosting relatively better than NameCheap. The company is known to offer huge discounts on their feature-loaded web hosting plans.

However, if you solely want to buy a domain name iPage is offering every popular TLD but it will be pricey compared to NameCheap. Their first-year fee and renewals are slightly higher than NameCheap.

iPage shared hosting provides you with pretty plentiful resources to host your website. You will get unlimited disk space for storage, scalable bandwidth, and unlimited MySQL bandwidth. What makes it the best alternative to NameCheap that you can host an unlimited number of domains. The plan also includes a free SSL certificate as long as you keep using their hosting plan.

With a hosting plan, iPage offers a free domain name. What’s more, their shared hosting also provides the facility to create custom email accounts. You can create an unlimited number of professional-looking email accounts. Plus, It gives you the control to set autoresponders and email forwarding.

The company brings you amazingly low priced plans starting at just $1.99/month which means by paying around $72 you will get hosting for 3-years. While on the other hand, NameCheap is going to cost you comparatively more if you continue their services for 3 years.

Getting organic traffic from search engines like Google is a good source of getting visitors to your website. However for a new website as it is a difficult process and you need to do lots of work for that. So another way of getting traffic is by running ads. iPage hosting plan includes $100 Google Ads offer and $100 Bing Ads credit.

Where most hosting companies offer cPanel with shared hosting, iPage includes vDeck Control Panel for controlling hosting features. Although it’s not as popular as cPanel but it doesn’t mean it is not useful. It is a well-organized control panel with an understandable interface. It provides you with some customizability. Plus, it allows you to do 1-click WordPress installation and hundreds of other templates.

The plan contains enhanced security suite and 24/7 security monitoring to ensure a safe and secure environment.

iPage support department remains active 24/7 to help its customers via multiple channels like Live Chat, Phone, and Email Tickets. Although, A bit sluggish live chat support but still it’s a good source of getting information. Here note that Live Chat is mainly maintained for simple queries by most companies while for technical issues they prefer ticketing system.

In short, iPage is a strong cheap alternative to NameCheap where you can host a limitless number of domains. And with a feature-rich hosting plan you will get free domain and SSL certificate.



  • Cheapest and valuable all-inclusive hosting plan along with a free domain name.
  • It allows you to host an unlimited number of domains on a single account.
  • Availability of all common support channels.
  • Unlimited storage and MySQL databases.
  • 1-click WordPress installer.


  • Buying only a domain name cost you higher than NameCheap.
  • In order to get the lowest price, you need to make a long term contract (3-year).
  • Lots of upsells while checkout process so careful before confirming the order.
iPage (1st yr/ renewal) NameCheap (1st yr/ renewal)
.com $10.99 / $17.99 / yr $8.88 / $12.98 / yr
.net $11.99 / $16.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
.org $8.99 / $16.99 / yr $11.98 / $14.98 / yr
WHOIS privacy $9.99 / yr Free Forever


NameCheap is undoubtedly a popular and good domain registrar. But now due to many domain registrars are available in the market, you have the choices. There are domain registrars available at low prices than NameCheap while offering similar or even more benefits.

If you have gone through the above-mentioned NameCheap alternatives you probably already pick the one.

If you are just a beginner and looking for reliable as well as affordable hosting, Bluehost is going to fulfill your website needs. You will get a free domain name and every essential feature.

Another very incredible choice for domain and hosting is the SiteGround. They do not offer domain names separately however with the hosting plan you can register a domain with them. They deliver the utmost reliability assisted by the latest technologies. And the best part both Bluehost and SiteGround will serve you without breaking the bank.

If you solely want to purchase domain names, the best NameCheap alternative that we recommend is the NameSilo. They not only offer TLDs at low prices but also include free lifetime WHOIS Guard and 24/7 support services.

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